Folding cartons

Presentation is everything when it comes to brand awareness. Draw in the customer by maximizing your brand’s shelf appeal with branded cartons created from the XYMOPrint digital carton press. Work directly with our top-tier designers to ensure your brand presentation is at the highest level.

Choose from a variety of card stocks and finishes, and enjoy peace of mind from being able to inspect a prototype before finalizing your run.
Popular material options:
  • 14-pt White board
  • 16-pt White board
  • 18-pt White board
  • 14-pt Metallic board
  • 16-pt Metallic board
  • Special request
Contact us today to learn more about the extensive options available for XYMOPrint folding cartons.
Frequently asked questions
How does XYMOPrint ensure durability with folded cartons?
Our dies are made with a glue-assist feature to ensure the durability of the adhesion. With glue assist, customers can comfortably select from all our finishing options without sacrificing durability.
Do you offer metallic options with carton printing?
Yes. Our powerful finishers allow the application of metallic foils, holographic, matte, and gloss finishes in spot applications or full coverage on digital prints.
Can XYMOPrint help with my folding carton design needs?
Yes. Our designers work closely with you to ensure your folded carton project meets all your requirements. We will also provide a working prototype to give you a better idea of how your product will look inside a carton display and determine how well your product will fit.
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