Flexible packaging

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Flexible packaging provides a safe, durable option while extending convenience to the most important person—your customer. XYMOPrint’s flexible packaging options have excellent seal results, protecting your product from contaminants like dust and oils.

Choose from different finishes to create a top-grade flexible package worthy of displaying your brand. Flexible packaging has applications for a vast array of products from many industries, including food and beverage, cosmetics and beauty, nutritional supplements, and more.    

Single-serving packets
Provide on-the-go products for your customers, 1 serving at a time.
Daily-dose packs
No more sorting or carting around bottles. Offer your customers the pinnacle of convenience with go-anywhere daily dose packs.
Stick packs
Just tear, pour, and mix. In 3 simple steps, your customers can enjoy the ease of using stick packs at home and on the move.
Your idea
Do you have a unique idea for your product package? Partner with XYMOPrint designers to transform your idea into reality.

Material options:
  • Metallic web
  • Paper sachets
  • Clear snack web
  • High-barrier white plastic
  • Stick pack
XYMOPrint’s flexible packaging is affordable, sustainable, and available in custom sizes. Contact us today to bring your packaging vision to life.
Frequently asked questions
How does XYMOPrint ensure the safety and durability of flexible packaging products?
Our high-quality flexible packaging materials are customized for the type and shape of your products, ensuring proper protection and support. Our vendors test all our materials to guarantee top quality and lasting durability, giving you the peace of mind that the end product will consistently meet or exceed expectations.
Which industries does XYMOPrint offer flexible packaging services to?
Flexible packaging can be used in animal food, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, CBD industries, and many more.
How does XYMOPrint help make flexible packaging affordable, sustainable, and available in custom sizes?
Our cutting-edge digital printing press provides the flexibility to run multiple SKUs, small runs, and variable data with no changeovers.
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